MVP 🛑 this version is not the final version of AlloHash Platform

MVP is just a prototype not a final version :
ALH creates the MVP version in order to offer for users the freedom to test the process and the features of ALH platform and to see their expectations and behaviors, but IT IS NOT the final version, that mean that this prototype is not that accurate so users will be careful when using it and it is preferable to not use huge amounts for their transactions because this model could contain some bugs or might be hacked, in order to avoid any problem it is recommended to assess this model as it is a testing platform for mastering the use of ALH process until the final version will be done, so the question is how the final version will be and when would it be available for us?
What are the features of the final version and when will be available? :
Engineers and ALLOHASH teams are working hard to offer for their users a better and more achievable platform for the final version, it is slightly different from the prototype because it will contain more features that will facilitate for us the crypto trade world.
furthermore, ALH team aim to create a Hardware that will be specified for ALH platform to improve the process and make it accessible in the world wide! The final version is predicted to be handy in 2022.
Let’s wait for the new change !

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